Friday, August 23, 2013


Before I start this entry, I have to tell you all this.  I was at the RWA Riding the Waves Conference in Fremantle this weekend just gone, and while at a book signing, I’m sitting there (trying not to look self-conscious), when this lovely lady, Linda, saw my name and went - “Evie!”.  LOL.  I kid you not!  Evie is getting famous thanks to her antics.  Somehow, I doubt I’d get the same reaction if I jumped all over someone ROTFL.

Hello also to Sarah.  Not sure if you visit my blog at all, but it was lovely to meet you.  You have no idea how much you made my day at the book signing.

To everyone who came, thank you.  It was wonderful to meet people and talk books!

Now for the serious stuff. 

I don’t know if Evie can get any naughtier.  OMG, that cat is making me grey faster than a mozzie sucks blood.  She just looks SO cute, SO lovable, SO innocent, that it’s just unbelievable to anyone who doesn’t know her.  Seriously.  REALLY seriously.

 Evie aka Eve of Destruction

Lately, she’s been in the middle of a power struggle with, it seems, every cat in the household that doesn’t bow down to her.  Which, according to her, they should, because she’s BOSS COCKY and EVERYONE must treat her as such.

That thought never occurs to me when I’m taking BOSS COCKY to the Sin Bin (aka the bathroom) for time out.   Evie’s whole thing is throwing a tantrum until we’re almost there, then she kind of flops and has this look on her face like…”Oh, geez.”

Yeah, missy, oh geez!  Oh geez when I find the tissue box on the floor and it looks like it’s raining tissues in the bathroom.  And there you are, perched on the bathroom sink looking all SWEET AND INNOCENT!

And then I let you loose…

Anyway, the power struggle.  It’s Evie and Polly, Evie and Theo, Evie and she tried Lily, Evie and Lacy.

Poor Lacy cringes and runs, spitting and yelling threats.  Evie just does her usual *strut strut strut*I’m BOSS COCKY!

She tried it with Lily and let’s just say Evie hasn’t tried it again with her. 

Now Theo - big Theo, the tabby male who is built like a tank.  She had him so distraught one day that he was running past her, giving her this big wide birth and looking scared.  Really, Theo?  REALLY?  You’re twice her size!  That’s embarrassing!

My Little Man, Theo

Size doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.  Its attitude that counts, and Evie has lots of attitude.  She is THE attitude personified.

So she tried it with Polly.  Now Polly is a big, *cuddly* black cat who is also twice Evie’s size.  To see this scrawny torti trying to be Boss Cocky over Polly was mind-boggling, but there you go.  Evie likes to scale mountains.

Anyway, back and forth the power struggle between these two goes, sort of like a ping-pong ball.  Evie lurks behind the sofa in the back room, right near the cat flap.  Polly comes through and Evie JUMPS HER!  Polly shrieks, spits, swears and runs, and right when Evie thinks she’s got her going, Polly flings around and spits and Evie puts the brakes on - scccrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  And then proceeds to sit and sulk.

Polly’s current place of snoozing is on Granny’s bed.  Loves Granny’s bed, Best Place Ever, she assured me when I was surprised to see her there.  BEST place ever…especially in Evie’s spot, on Evie’s blankie near Granny’s pillow.

Now What Can I Do Next?

I wasn’t the only one goggle-eyed when I saw Polly happily curled up asleep on Evie’s blankie.  Evie’s eyes almost popped out of her head.  Mum tried to shift Evie before Evie saw, but nu-uh!  Evie saw!  And it was on for young and old.

Mum is trying to push Polly further down the bed, Evie is hanging in Mum’s arms yelling threats to Polly, Polly’s swearing back at Evie and Hissing at Mum for daring to push her down the bed, Mum’s yelling for me to help and I’m…well, laughing.  I’m trying not to, and Mum’s getting angry, and Polly’s furious, and Evie’s beside herself and I’m trying to help but basically useless with laughter.

So anyway, there’s an uneasy truce now on Mum’s bed when Polly refused to get off.  Not that Mum wanted her off the bed, but Evie sure as heck wasn’t impressed.  HER Granny, she informed Polly, strutting around the top part of the bed.  HER blankie.  HER pillow.  It is all about HER!

Polly just kind of lifted the corner of her lip and hissed.  And she still tries to get higher up the bed.

So every night it’s the same thing.  There I am, reading in bed, and you hear it start.

Mum: “Polly, move down.”
Evie: *growls death threats*
Polly: *spits insults*
Mum: Stop it, you two!  Polly, no!  Evie, shut up!
Evie:  *LOUDER death threats*
Polly: *swearing* and trying to get higher up the bed.
Mum: “Look, cut it out!
Evie: MY Granny, MY blankie, MY pillow, MY bed - I’m BOSS COCKY!
Polly: I’m gonna sit on you and rub my bum on you and everything!
Evie:  Oh yeah?  Oh yeah?  Come here and say that!
Polly:  Right!  I will!
Mum: Polly, no!  Evie, get here!  Under here!  Now shut up and go to sleep!

"Seriously, Aunty Angie lies, I'm a good girl!"

Polly settles with a toss of her head, Evie sulks and peers over the edge of the doona, and Mum finally settles with a magazine.

But it’s not finished, because right as Evie settles, she has to give Mum a love bite, which makes Mum yell.  Only THEN will she settle down.

Now a friend’s kitty is staying with us for a while, her name is Freya and she’s a beautiful tortoiseshell (calico for my US friends).  Evie has been fronting up to the fly wire door that closes the passage off to the room Freya is staying in, of course.  Evie struts up and down in front of the door.  “I’m BOSS here.  I’m Evie!  This is MY house, MY Granny, MY front room, and yes, that chair you dare to sleep on is MY chair!  You’re just lucky you’re not out here, ‘cause if you were-” And this is accompanied by her rushing at the door to stand up against it, tail quivering, whiskers stuck right out, and eyes gleaming manically.
So after about a week of all this, Freya was going stir crazy, so I thought I’d let her out into the house for a run while I was standing guard.  Evie walked into the room as Freya watched.

Well, every time Evie moved, so did Freya.  Freya poked her, sniffed her tail, and TOUCHED her!  (horrors!) and followed her around, completely unnerving Evie.  Boss Cocky huddled in a little ball and watched Freya out of huge eyes, not game to move, while Freya eyed her off.  So I rescued Evie, picking up the poor little darling and hugging her close.

And what happens?

As soon as she clears the ground and is safe in my arms, she proceeds to throw her head over my arm and starts yelling at Freya.  YOU'RE JUST LUCKY AUNTY ANG RESCUED YOU!  Growling dire threats.  I COULD HAVE BEATEN YOU UP!  Snarling.  I WAS THIS CLOSE TO LAYING YOU OUT!  As I got out the door with the indignant Evie, she had to have the last word.  I’M BOSS COCKY AROUND HERE!  IT’S ALL ABOUT ME!  And then, when I put her down, she proceeded to *strut*strut*strut* back and forth in front of the door, while Freya looked on with interest.


So I thought, seeing as how Evie wasn’t doing anything wrong, that today I’d let Freya out for another walk.  I thought it would be fine.  I am such a drongo.

Evie watched, sniffed, investigated Freya’s food and followed Freya around.

Theo didn’t give a rat’s a**e, he walked right by Freya, hoovered up her biscuits and went for a nap in the armchair.

Just when I was relaxing and starting to do some chores, the death threats sounded!  I hooned around to find Evie thrusting her little white chest out, eyes huge, whiskers bristling, and she was going to have Freya on.  Freya was a little freaked.

I was a little freaked.  Trying to explain to my friend why my shy little torti that she rarely saw when she came, could possibly have beaten up her cat, was something I didn’t want.  So I swooped Evie up while Freya made her escape to the front room and I shut the door. 

Yep, from now on, Freya only goes walkies in the house when Evie is shut into the bedroom.

Little Boss Cocky is now lying on my desk while I type this, looking like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.

Good grief!  I tell you, life with Evie is never dull.  Challenging, however, now that’s a whole other ball game…

One last thing, so you know what I'm getting at.  Evie has developed a new 'thing'.  Her latest?  Let's just say I walked out into the backroom to find her hanging over the scratching post, head and paws down one side, back legs the other, belly over the top.  WTHell?  "Mum!"  I yelled.  "What's this about?"  Mum took one look and said, quite casually, "Oh, she's been doing that for awhile now.  It's her latest thing..."  I managed to get a photo, not as good as it should be, because she just has to see what I'm doing with the camera.  Spoilt the shot, but you get the idea LOL!

Oh, Evie, Evie...


CJ said...

Be happy you have only one Evie. They could all be the same. ROFLMAO.. I love your Mum's attitude, very "oh yeah she has be doing this for a while". Look at the bright side, Evie is 2 years old, so you have nly 20 years to go. LOL Who will last the longest? Her attitude or your brown hair?

Palmaltas said...

What a life you lead, Angela! BTW, what's a mozzie?

Lucy Abarcia said...

She has EVIL eyes!! lol

ME! said...

Trust me, CJ, Evie will outlast me!

ME! said...

Hey Tricia a mozzie is a mosquito. And I've forgotten what a quiet life is...

ME! said...

Oh Lucy, you said it! Those eyes can glint so wickedly, and yet look so innocent when she's sleepy...evil down below the surface