Friday, October 25, 2013

Evie 'Boss Cocky', Evie's Vaccination & Polly's New Spot

So first things first, an update on Evie, aka Eve of Destruction.  Remember my last blog, all about Evie lording it over Freya, my friend’s cat?  Well, wonders of wonders, they turned into good friends!  I kid you not!  Feeling sorry for Freya, I let her out again and kept watch, and Evie followed her and Freya eye-balled her, and because Freya wouldn’t back down, they became good friends and were often found playing and chasing each other.

Then Freya went home.

Thinking that maybe Evie was turning over a new leaf (I am SUCH a fool), when Bella, my brother’s cat, came to stay while they were away, I thought that surely now Evie would nice.  I mean, she was okay with Freya in the end, right?  And they were good friends, right?  And Bella is such a sweet cat, right?

See, there’s the thing.  Bella is sweet, Bella isn’t confrontational, Bella can be a little shy….place this kind of temperament in front of Evie, and what have you got?  A keg waiting to explode.  Which Evie almost did.


Bella was happy to be friends, but when she backed off after Evie strutted into the room, Evie saw the shyness, the sweetness, the retreat - and it was on!  She was going to stalk Bella until she drove her mad, was going to hound her and jump on her when she least expected it, arch her back and look menacing and watch in glee as Bella shrunk away and hid on top of the cupboard, while Evie watched her from below with a maniacal gleam in her eyes.

So there went the theory that Evie might accept visiting cats.  You’d think I’d know by now, but I have this eternal hope and…geez.

So Lacey decided that here was a cat who was actually scared of her, too, and she was going to boss her around and torment her if Bella dared to show her face outside her room!  Tail bushed, eyes huge, whiskers quivering in threat, Lacey will sit in front of the security screen and stare at Bella, totally unnerving Bella, who watches her nervously from the safety of the desk - at the other end of the room.

So the only way I can let Bella out of the front room for a change of scenery, I have to lock Evie and Lacey up in different rooms (putting those two together would be a disaster, I’m not THAT stupid).  Only then can Bella venture forth and walk around.

Theo, as usual, couldn’t give a flying fig, he just walks right past her, hoovers up her biscuits and gets in the armchair for a snooze.  The other cats are pretty much ‘don’t come near me, and I’ll ignore you, and all is right with the world’.

So when people come and Evie disappears, they all think what a sweet, shy little thing she must be.

One of our vets, Sarah, and one of the vet nurses, Shayna, came out to vaccinate the furry horde.  It didn’t go too badly.  Big eyes, a bit of scrambling from a couple, and lots of hair flying around ‘cause the furries are all losing their winter coat (I’m sure I’m going to hack a fur ball any day now, there’s so much hair around). 
But I kept the best - or worst - to last.  Can you guess who?  Come on, give it a try! 
Evie!  I know, you’re shocked!

"It's all a lie.  Everyone picks on me!"

So, having a bit of forethought, I cunningly left Evie until last.  Mostly because I had this feeling that if we tried to drag her out in front of STRANGERS, one of three things would happen:

1. None of us would survive the episode to vaccinate the rest.
2. Evie would totally unnerve all the other cats and it’d be a disaster for all concerned.
3.  We'd all be too shattered to continue.
So when all the furries were done, I went to Mum’s room…and Mum and I had to hunt her down, unable to find her, but there was this tiny little nose peeking out from behind Mum’s pillow.
Awwwwww…I hear you all sigh, and I can just imagine your smile.  BUT wait a minute….

So I get hold of her, and I position her in front of me, her back to my front because I just knew something bad would happen when she saw Sarah and Shayna, and I didn’t want Evie’s claws in my skin.

With every steps I took down the passage (and it’s a small passage), Evie grew stiffer and stiffer, and then we came out into the little dining room, Evie took one look at the vet and vet nurse, and…EXPLODED!

People, it was like trying to hold a feral cat.  Front paws, back paws, tail, head - everything tried to go in every which direction at once.  Whiskers bristled, head flung back, back legs attempting to find purchase on my arms, body wriggling like a belly dancer gone wild, and it was on.

I managed to get her onto the kitchen bench and tried to pin her down.  I couldn’t get a grip on her scruff, she’s a willowy cat and there really isn’t any spare skin to grab, and I was trying to hold her down, pin her down, hand on her back to PUSH her *&%@! down, and she was going in all directions at once.

I couldn’t see her face but I think her eyeballs were rolling wildly around in her head.

I know mine were.

Nobody could get a grip on Evie.  She exploded out of my hold and off the kitchen bench, leaving everyone gaping and a pile of torti and white hair in the air and over the bench.
It was an experience.  I don’t think it’s one Sarah and Shayna want to repeat.  Mum and I, unfortunately, don’t have a choice.  Evie lives with us…there are a lot more explosions waiting in the future.

Needless to say, she eventually got her vaccination, but it wasn’t without a fight.  That cat does nothing the easy way.

So Polly.  Last time I blogged, her Best Spot Ever was on Mum’s bed, and preferably in Evie’s spot and on Evie’s blankie (another sure-fire way to get an explosion from Evie).  But Polly’s New Best Spot Ever is on the dining room chairs.

It’d be okay if she stayed on one chair, but every time you lift your bum, she shifts to your chair.  You go to sit back down and there’s these two bright, yellow eyes staring up at you from a furry little black face.  So you sit in the chair vacated by her, and she shifts when you get up again.

‘Best Spot Ever’ she assures me, squidging her eyes shut and purring.  “Gonna Stay Here Forever.’
So far, she’s still playing musical chairs, trying to decide which chair is best (usually the one you’ve just vacated).  We’ve pretty much figured out not to ruffle her too much or try to shift her, because she then gets on the table and sits on whatever you’re reading, staring at you out of those big, gold eyes, or head butts you and makes you spill whatever drink you had just raised to your mouth.

It was quite hilarious watching Mum and Polly one night.  No sooner had Mum pushed Polly onto a chair and off the table so Mum could wash the table before she served up tea, than Polly popped up on another chair and up onto the table, and Mum pushed her down, and up Polly popped from the chair on the other side and up onto the table, and…it kept going.

As you can imagine, Mum was getting annoyed, Polly was getting annoyed, and I was laughing, so then Polly and I were both in trouble with Mum.  But seriously, it was funny!  Mum and Polly, both so determined to win!

So anyway, as you can see, life is as normal at our little house!


Barbara Edwards said...

Sounds like she's related to my cat, Meow. lol

Rhobin Lee Courtright said...

Love the Evie stories, and Polly looks just like my Gracie did, acts like she did, too.

Lucy Abarcia said...

That sounds just like Betty and Belle! Betty HAS to sit on my (or dad's) chair (it must be nice and warm) and we have to move her (on the cushion) to another chair. And Belle bit the vet the other day! She wasn't well and when they took the 3rd xray we heard a loud hiss and thump from the room and next thing you know, the vet comes out with his hand wrapped in guaze. Oops!

ME! said...

LOL! Aren't they so naughty? I forgot to mention in my blog that Evie bit my finger and there was blood everywhere, and the back of Mum's hand looked like someone had taken a cheese grater to it!!! Did you buy the vet a box of chocolates for his pains?!

ME! said...

Oh Barbara, then we are never letting Meow and Evie meet! That would be the possible end of the world!

ME! said...

Rhobin - it's scary how people who love cats seem to get similar personalities or looks!

Palmaltas said...

Thanks for the first laughs of the day, Angela! I always look forward to Evie's "escapades".

ME! said...

No worries, Trish! That cat is making me grey faster than any of my others ever did! LOL