Sunday, December 15, 2013

Evie, Growing Older, Book Covers, Summer Heat and…Merry Christmas!

So, as usual lately, this blog entry has been a long time happening.   Why, you may ask?  You may ask all you like.  Here is what I can remember… (Memory not being what it used to be).

EVIE - no, this entry isn’t all about Evie, this time it isn’t her fault.  I know, what a shock, right???

Anyway, Evie…she won Pet of the Month (Oct) at Chapman Animal Hospital.  Their theme was Halloween, and they were looking for pets with anything to do with possession, spooks, etc.  So I had this photo of Evie which I entered.  It’s the one in the previous blog where she’s half hanging out of her scratchy post and her eyes are glowing.  Really, it was the perfect photo for possession, because her eyes are glowing and really, generally, she does everything but have her head spin on her shoulders.  Right?  So I entered that pic and she won!  So proud of the evil little toad!!!  LOL

So the next thing to happen to me was a shock (no, not Evie!  Geez!  Has she got a reputation or what?!  <g>).  This time, a worker came to check our roof and give us some quotes, and I’m looking at him.  He’s got this cute boy-next-door look which I like, and I’m thinking, “Wow, you’re a bit of all right.  Yeah, you’re really cute”, and I’m smiling at him and not really listening to what he’s saying because, you know, he’s cute and all and I have my priorities straight, and then it hits me as I look at his YOUNG face.

Oh my God, I’m old enough to be his mother.  I’m freakin’ OLD ENOUGH TO BE HIS MOTHER!  ME!  Oh my God, when did THAT happen?  When did I grow old enough to be this cute BOY’S MOTHER?????   Now I wasn’t only shocked, I felt like a PERV.  OMG!  I was in shock!  I smiled, listened to what he was saying through the ringing in my ears, wondered if his smile was now one of pity for the old stick who’d been ogling him (I wasn’t even wearing my glasses), and managed to stay upright until he left.

Then I dragged my creaking bones through the doorway and fortified myself with a Diet Coke.  Or two.  Or three.  Who’s counting, anyway?  I was totally shattered.  When had I grown old enough to be a grown man’s mother?

I don’t even have kids!  It’s not fair!  *kick*kick*kick*  You’d think if it was going to hit me in the face like that, that I’d have at least suffered through having kids, right?  Kind of prepared me, right?  *kick*tantrum*kick*  No!!!!!!  I had to come to terms with it by myself!

Myself, right?  You know why?  Because my mother laughed when I told her!  Yes, laughed!  Oh, the agony of it all!  No support there, I can tell you!  Even my friends laughed!  Not to mention my work mates!  No support!!!!

So, anyway…*sigh*

So, on the bright side (you know, one of my OLD age has to do that…look at the bright side while it’s still there, apparently…), I got my rights to my Heart & Soul science fiction romance books back, re-edited them, got some snazzy new covers and have self-pubbed them.  I learned how to do my own covers thanks to Joleene Naylor’s ebook “How to Get a Cheap Book Covers, available at Smashwords , and had a great time creating them.  If you want a peek at the new covers, just click here.  I really like them.  The photos are from istock and Dreamstime. 

The hardest thing about doing my own covers, was trying to find photos that reflected the heroine and the storyline, while trying to maintain the description of the heroine.  Not easy to find exactly what you think, but I love the results of what I did find.

Mind you, I burned the candle at both ends as well as the midnight oil doing them.  Once I start something, I go like the clappers until it’s finished, and I wanted these books uploaded and available ASAP.  So I slaved away after work and into the night, going to bed at midnight, reading to 1am, then getting up early to either continue the covers and formatting if I was on a day off, or to go to work if it was a work day.  All I can say is it’s a good thing I wasn’t going by air, as the bags under my eyes were so big the airport would have charged triple for the extra luggage.

Maybe if I wasn’t so OLD it wouldn’t have happened!  I would have been fine!  But apparently being OLD ENOUGH to be a young bloke’s mother MAKES ME TIRE EASIER THAN I USED TO!  YES!  That’s right!  *kick*kick*kick*  I don’t bounce back like I used to!!!  *kick*whine*tantrum*

So anyway…anywaaaaaaaaaaaaay…

So work has been busy, home has been busy, and Evie must be maturing, as she’s only been in Time Out about twice a week lately, which is a record for her.  Mind you, just the other day I said to Mum, “I think the baby is maturing’, and within half an hour Mum was going crook at her and putting her in the Sin Bin (aka bathroom, aka Time Out) with Evie yelling right back.  Really, back- answering?  I think we’ll withhold the maturity card a little longer!

I drove down to the video shop today to return some DVDs, and it’s hot, right?  December, nearly Christmas, and freakin’ hot.  Supposed to be 40C today (104F), and I’m driving in my air-conditioned little Ute, and I see these cyclists speeding along the road, and I’m thinking….’Okay, it’s hot, but they’re creating a breeze…even though some of them are red in the face and look like they’re going to have a stroke any second’…and then, on the way back, I notice a lot of people walking and jogging in the sun along the beach front.

Now look, I agree with a little exercise.  A nice walk (jog if you want, bike, run, etc), but seriously?  In the sun, in the heat…YOU’RE FREAKIN’ WALKING AND JOGGING?  Really?  See, this doesn’t compute to me.  The hot sun comes out, I head for the shade, a cool drink, and a relax with a good book (or this here computer!).  Toasting myself to a crisp in the sun, overheating, my heart burning as much as my skin…man, so not for me.  When I go for a walk, the sun is warm, not hot enough to fry eggs on the footpath. 

Maybe it’s just me.  Obviously the truly dedicated (or nutty, let’s go there), have a different opinion.  That’s fine.  Rock on.  Walk, jog, sweat, burn, get heat stroke.  I drove home, parked the car in the car port, went inside, turned on the fan, shut the door, got out a cold Diet Coke, cracked the tab, and now I’m sitting here in the cool.  Happy as a little piggie in mud.

Which, you know, on a hot day, isn’t such a bad thing…

Also, before I stop whining - I mean sharing my OLD ENOUGH TO BE HIS MOTHER experience - I want to wish you all a  very MERRY CHRISTMAS.  Be safe, be happy, and remember the true reason for this wonderful season.



Clotee said...

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!
Bring you Good wishes of happiness.

Sorry for greeting you earlier,, just don't want miss saying this.
By the way, I'm clotee. It's my first time visiting your blog. I am blogger too, and now try my best luck to open an e-store. Nice to know you.


Palmaltas said...

Hi Angela, I can relate to your feeling old when seeing a handsome young guy. Our head maintenance guy in the apartments where I live is one of the handsomest I've ever seen. Really! I love it when something goes wrong and he comes up to fix it instead of sending one of the other workers. However, the last time he came, he stopped and looked at photos of my grandchildren and said how cute my 22 year old granddaughter was. Then it me!!! I can't flirt with him--I'm old enough to be his grandmother!!!

Vickij said...

Hi, Angela, I so share those feels with you about realising the goodlooking man you're out...ah...looking benignly at is young enough to be your son - only in my case said son could be old enough to have kids in school (possibly getting ready for high school, to be honest)!! Life can be so cruel. Speaking of which, we had an unexpected Christmas expense courtesy of one of our cats. Isabella (the only one of my kidney's functions and not so well cat) was feeling poorly and off her food and water (the latter a dire situation given her kidney issues), a trip to the vet hospital resulted in emergency surgery to remove a bowel obstruction. Hair elastics. The fabric ones - kind to your hair (if not your cat). 5 of them, swallowed whole. Why? That's what we keep asking. Why? And why Isabella? She's the cat that chews cords - it's Selina Kyle who eats elastics and ribbons and rubber bands!! Have a Merry Christmas, Angela, and a Happy, Safe and Prosperous New Year!! Cheers, Vicki

ME! said...

Hi Clotee - nice to meet you, and good luck with your e-store!

ME! said...

OMG Trish! You poor thing! ROTFLMAO! I hear you, sister! Oh man, you made my day!

Mind you...what's the saying about cougars? *wink*

ME! said...

Hey Vickij

Maybe we need to join the cougar scene? LOL

Geez, poor Isabella! It's always the ones you least expect!!! I feel for you! Give her a cuddle for me, and hide those hair elastics!