Monday, March 3, 2014

Long Time Coming…But The Cats Still Rule!

So, this blog entry has been a long time coming.  Things have been happening, including the passing of one of our Golden Oldies, DT, who reached the grand old age of 20 yrs before she passed away.  Thanks to Steve from Chapman Animal Hospital for being there for us when it happened, and thanks to everyone at the vet hospital for being there for us during this time.  We have wonderful, fond memories of our little old lady, and she is missed, but I know we’ll meet her again one day, and meanwhile she is running free in Heaven, with her Mum & Dad & sister and all those other furries that went home before her.

Meanwhile, life goes on, does it not?  We’re still laughing, still moving forward….still trying to survive the antics of the furry horde that rule our home.

Evie…oh geez…Evie Evie Evie.  So I’ve been fighting with Evie (I know, what a shock).  The latest thing is this sitting on the FREAKIN' FISH TANKS!  Okay, Evie might only have a lean little a**e, but the lids are made of plastic and NOT meant to be sat on.  She knows this.  I’ve told her a HUNDRED TIMES NOT TO SIT ON THE FISH TANK LIDS!  Does she listen?

Seriously?  You’re actually waiting to hear?  You really don’t know?    Oh, you do know…I can see the smirk on your faces now….

So, this is the typical scenario…

Me: (spotting Evie sitting/lying on fish tank):  Evie, get off.
Evie:  What?
Me: Get off the fish tanks.
Evie: What?
Me: Get OFF the fish tanks!
Evie: What?
Evie: What?
Evie: What?
Evie: What?

Evie on the FREAKIN' FISH TANK!!!

So I try to push her off.
So she slaps back at me.

Me: Stop that!
Evie: You pushed me!
Me: I told you to get off the fish tanks!
Evie: What?

So by now my blood pressure is starting to spike.

Me: Get off the fish tanks RIGHT NOW!
Evie: What?
Me: Get off. Get OFF GET OFF GET OFF!
Evie: What?

Just when I think my head will explode, she decides to get off, stretch leisurely and look around.

Evie: By the way…did you know the lids are sagging in the middle?

Is it any wonder black dots are dancing before my eyes?  

So you think this would be the worse, but no, not only does this happen at any time, it also happens at fish feeding time.  I try to do it while Evil Evie is asleep, but somehow she knows…she just knows.  I open the lid, quietly take out a couple of light flakes, drop them silently into the water, ease back, but before I can draw a sigh of relief -


Evie: Whoo hooooo!!!!  I’m here!  Feedin’ the fish, huh?  Wow!

Now she’s all goggle-eyed and her paw is dangling in the water…through the plastic bit she broke off the fish tank lid awhile ago.

It’s a wonder I’m not living on Valium with this cat in the house.

So, Evie aside, Polly has acquired a new place to sleep.  Remember how she has fads on where to sleep?  For awhile there, she started to sleep on the backroom floor, right between the laundry door, the backroom door, and right in front of one of the litter trays.  This ensured that-

1.  Lily, Lacy and Evie would not use that particular litter tray
2.  Polly could see whichever cat was coming in and out of both doors, and could alternately ignore them or give them the evil eye, depending on:
                        a) her mood
                        b) her relationship with said cat
3.  Her Grandma (aka Sucker) and Aunty Ang (aka Dumb A**e) had to step over her…all the time…every time…

Best Spot Ever! She assured me.

So we kind of got used to stepping over and around her, but then she decided to change spots and found a new Best Spot Ever.

The new Best Spot Ever is under my bed, right at the edge, behind the frill that hangs down from the mattress to the floor.  Here she can-

1.  Lurk for unsuspecting Lily, Evie or Lacy to come under and get the living crap scared out of them.
2.  Hide from her medicine.
3.  Pretend she doesn’t hear us when we’re calling her, because after all, she’s in a dim, dark cave well away from civilization, just as a fat, black sabre-tooth tiger would be.
4.  She can come running out looking all indignant when Dumb A**e sweeps/mops under the bed and hits her by accident.
5.  It’s just a really cool place to hang out - Best Spot Ever!

I’m not sure how long this Best Spot Ever is going to last, but we’ll see.  I’m wondering what places she could possibly have left…


Lucy Abarcia said...

Sorry, Ang, but those eyes of Evie's are quite psychotic, aren't they? Match her perfectly. lol.
Sorry to hear about DT-- I cannot imagine just how much you miss her. You must be heartbroken. Sending you and your mum a big hug.

molli said...

We have an "Evie" now too, but her name is Sophie, the kitten from the 7th level. So far she has destroyed the sheer curtains.AND ROD, the underside of several sofas, and a few window screens.

ME! said...

Hi Lucy

tanks for the condolences. DT was a lovely Golden Oldie, and she's now at peace. I have no doubt we'll see her again.

As for Evie...don't apologise about the eyes comment...I often look at her staring/glaring/daring me back with those big eyes, and think the same thing! ROTFL


ME! said...

Oh Molli, you have my sincere condolences on having an Evie called Sophie! I howled laughing at her antics. I know, I shouldn't have, but I could just see it...before long she'll demolish the house!!!

Skyline Spirit said...

pretty nice blog, following :)

ME! said...

Thanks - everyone needs a laugh and smile, and that's what this blog is all about!